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17/07/2020NRFL Player Registrations 2020/21

All players must be registered via the FA Whole Game System with a valid email address to be eligible to play in any FA/League competitions.

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22/06/2020IFAB - Laws of the Game Changes 2020/21 Season

New Laws of the Game for 2020/21

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22/06/2020NRFL - FA Standard Code of Rules 2020/21

Rules for 20/21 have been sanctioned by North Riding County FA

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13/05/2020NRFL - Safeguarding Children Policy0.3 Mb.pdf
13/07/2019FA Player Registration Guide for Clubs

Please download the attached guide to assist with the registration of players via the Whole Game System.

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18/05/2019Laws of the Game 2019/20 At a Glance: Summary of the main changes

The 133rd AGM of The International FA Board (The IFAB) in Aberdeen, Scotland on 2 March 2019 approved a number of amendments to, and clarifications of, the Laws of
the Game for 2019/20.

Three changes were approved following 2 years of worldwide experiments:
• The introduction of yellow and red cards for misconduct by team officials
• A player being substituted leaving the field at the nearest point on the boundary line
• At a goal kick and a free kick for the defending team in their own penalty area, the ball is in play as soon the kick is taken (it can be played before it leaves the penalty area)

Other changes include: clearer wording for ‘handball’, attacking team players must be at least 1m away from a defensive ‘wall’, the goalkeeper only has to have one foot on the
goal line at a penalty kick, and a new dropped ball procedure (including a dropped ball being awarded if the ball hits a match official and goes into the goal, team possession
changes or a promising attack starts).

This document summarises the main changes only – a more detailed version with the exact text of all the changes may be found in the document ‘Laws of the Game 2019-20 –
Changes and clarifications’; both documents are available on The IFAB’s website ( ).

All changes come into force on 1st June 2019.

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