FA Whole Game System

FA Whole Game System

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Access to The Whole Game System provides a quick and easy process for Club Officials, with 24/7 access to the portal with secure online payment for:

Club Affiliation
Each season, clubs must affiliate to their County FA.via the Whole Game System makes affiliation a much more straightforward process and also pay securely online and affiliate in under 10 minutes.

Pay Fines & Respond to Discipline Cases
The Whole Game System allow clubs to respond to discipline cases online and pay fines or other charges. This new streamlined and accessible administration experience means you are not limited to office opening hours to respond to cases.

Referee Registration and Reporting
Registering as a referee is now a simple, quick and easy process. Registration is completed online and is done each year by qualified referees. Whether it's a yellow card, a sending off or a misconduct case, all reports can now be submitted online via the Whole Game System. This system allows match officials to submit reports electronically directly to your County F.A without the need to use email or paper copies.

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